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England opposes Beijing pressure on airline companies


England’s top foreign affairs official said that England opposes Beijing’s pressure on airline companies to change Taiwan’s name. That was the word from Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Mark Field.


Field said that England’s stance on Taiwan has not changed and will continue to call Taiwan by the name “Taiwan”. He said that private companies should not yield to political pressure. China has demanded that foreign airlines list Taiwan not as a country but rather as a part of China.


The governments of the US, Australia and England all have voiced their support of Taiwan. Taiwan’s foreign ministry spokesman Andrew Lee thanked England for its support and said that it hopes other countries follow suit.


"We hope other governments can refer to what the English government has done. We hope there will be more of these positive examples," said Lee. 


Lee said that he hopes the examples of these countries can lead the way in refusing to allow Beijing to bully private companies.