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Group to petition for use of name “Taiwan” at Tokyo Olympics


A task force vying for use of Taiwan’s name at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 is calling on the public to take part in a petition this weekend.


Two members of the action group petitioning for the use of Taiwan’s name at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics wore specially designed vests with banners on their backs and petitions in their hands. They posed for a press conference on Thursday. The group announced that they hope to receive at least 280,000 signatures this weekend.


A group member Liu Ching-wen said that the number of petitions has gone up since Taichung was recently stripped of its right to host the 2019 East Asian Youth Games. That was due to suppression from China. He said the heat has not subsided despite Premier William Lai bringing up the Lausanne Agreement. The agreement indicated that Taiwan can only go by “Chinese Taipei” at international sports events.


Another member of the group Shen Ching-kai said that the task force is only proposing a name change and not for the government to violate the Lausanne Agreement.


The action group said it hopes Taiwan can expand its global visibility by using its name at the Tokyo Olympics.