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Government unveils medical flights for offshore islands


Top government officials on Wednesday unveiled new planes and helicopters that will serve to transport doctors and medical equipment to Taiwan’s offshore islands.


A fleet of new helicopters and airplanes lined up at the Taipei Songshan Airport. These will serve as the new dedicated medical flights that transport doctors, medical staff and equipment to offshore islands, including Kinmen, Penghu, Lienchiang islands.


In the past, patients on offshore islands often suffered from a shortage of medical staff and equipment, and even outright absence of a hospital. In order to solve the issue, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Transportation have collaborated to put the new program in place.


The government also said that the fleet will be the first step in an ongoing effort to provide more medical resources for residents on the offshore islands. The officials said that they plan to implement local training programs to foster more medical staff members on the islands.