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Health ministry told to stop false vaccine reports


The Control Yuan said Friday that the health ministry must review and improve their supervision system in order to prevent false reports of vaccine injections.


The Control Yuan is the government’s watchdog agency. Its investigation reveals that the Sanchong Public Health Center in New Taipei has been reporting inflated number of vaccine injections to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) since 2015. Officials found that at least 15,000 vaccines were discarded instead of used, as the center had claimed.


The officials also said that the falsification of vaccination numbers exists in over 90% of the 370 public health centers across Taiwan, adding to a total inflation of more than 310,000 unused vaccines. They said they have no way of knowing which health centers submitted fraudulent reports since the CDC did not handing over the exact data. The official also found that the CDC’s Influenza Vaccine Information System (IVIS) has no mechanism to verify the real number of vaccines administered.


The Control Yuan said the nationwide falsification could be caused by the health ministry doubling its vaccination targets. This may have led understaffed public health centers to submit false numbers in order to meet quotas.