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Truckers close off government district to protest new law


Truck drivers have blocked off a number of streets in Taipei in protest over a new law that will force their vehicles off the road.


Over 100 truck drivers closed off roads in Taipei’s central government district on Friday, the first day of a planned four-day action. The drivers say an amended air pollution law threatens their livelihoods.


The new law came into effect at the start of August and says trucks over 10 years old must be replaced. The protesting drivers say this is something they cannot afford to do. The group is calling on the government to give them more leeway.


A spokesperson for the protesters, Lee Cheng-yi, said any driver would prefer to have a new vehicle if they could afford it. But a new truck could cost up to NT$1 million (US$33,000) – prohibitively expensive in the current economy.


Members of the public have been advised to be aware of the disruption to traffic in the area, where the Presidential Office and several government buildings are located.