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‘Culture ambassadors’ teach local kids about abroad

The Quanta Culture and Education Foundation in Taiwan is recruiting foreign culture ambassadors for cultural exchanges with local Taiwanese students. 
Speaking to RTI on Tuesday, Quanta executive director Lori Hsu said that students from some schools in Taiwan do not have the resources to go abroad or have contact with other countries or cultures. Hsu said the foundation will send the “ambassadors” to the schools to introduce their culture to the students. In return, the ambassadors will be able to practice Chinese and use social media to show Taiwanese culture to their friends back home.
Hsu said 24-year old Dimitrio Pabagopoulos from Greece was last year assigned to Luo-Yang Elementary School in Changhua county. There, he taught the kids about Greek history and the origins of the Olympic Games. The children in return taught Pabagopoulos how to play with diabolo toys.
Hsu said the foundation is accepting applications for 15 ambassadors for 15 primary and secondary schools starting October 15.