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Elementary schools in Kinmen and Taipei co-host art event
Temperature and power use both record high
The view at YongKang Station
Mazu crowds
Taiwanese karate practitioners prep for 2018 Asian Games
Taoyuan Metro Corp. hold vote on Taiwanese dishes
Jet ski race kicks of on offshore Kinmen Island
Visits AIT new office
Final training
Hot weather coming
Gimme a name
Education ministry criticized for interfering with NTU president selection
People flock to Chunghwa Telecom stores for latest saving
Head of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre to retire in 2019
President tries out latest tech for minimally invasive surgery
Taiwanese design won top prize in German design award
CPC Corporation promotes green charging stations
Lawmakers clash in Legislature over amendment bill on military pension
State-owned CPC Corporation announced 3.2% wage raise
President Tsai: government to help develop smart machinery industry
Coral spawning
A makeover