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RTI Celebrates the Lunar New Year!
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The Year of the Dog kicks off with Lunar New Year's Eve on Thursday, February 15th. But while most people are at home celebrating with friends and family, RTI will be serving up a whole feast of festive programs to ring in the new year. Here are just some of our holiday selections: 


Feb. 3 (Sa)


Feast Meets West: In today’s Feast, Andrew and Ellen learn about a massive “Weiya” or year-end party that will be held on Sunday for people in need. Plus, find out how sweet potatoes may enable a homeless woman and her son find a new home.


Feb. 4 (Su)


Classic Shorts: Natalie narrates the legendary story of the race between animals that make it on the Chinese zodiac calendar.


Feb. 6 (W)


Ear to the Ground: In today’s program, Andrew shares a piece of classical western music he recorded at a Lunar New Year party, which is often used in Taiwan for awards ceremonies and lucky draws.


Feb. 10 (Sa)


Feast Meets West: In today’s Feast, meet Karen Farley, a Canadian woman who’s working to make western baking more accessible to people in Taiwan. Plus, hosts Andrew Ryan and Ellen Chu will be sampling one of Karen’s Lunar New Year inspired treats!


Feb. 11 (Su)


Classic Shorts: Find out why red is the color of Chinese New Year as Natalie Tso brings you the Chinese New Year story of the “Nian Monster”.


Feb. 14 (W)


Ear to the Ground: In the run-up to the Lunar New Year holiday, find out how one group is doing their best to make sure the homeless can share in the warmth of the season.


Feb. 15 (Th)


News: Tune in for a special introduction to the Lunar New Year’s Eve, which is today!


Feb. 16 (F)


Hear in Taiwan: In today’s program, we ring in the Lunar New Year of the Dog by looking at how the holiday is celebrated in China, plus: The Story of the Mouse Bride.


One More Thing: Tune in to learn about some of the propitious origins of popular Chinese New Year dishes.


Feb. 17 (Sa)


Curious John: A look at the traditional dishes without which the Chinese New Year table would not be complete.


Feast Meets West: Andrew Ryan and Ellen Chu ring in the Year of the Dog, along with winter intern Keerthi Sudharan. Find out about some jobs for dogs, plus tune in to hear what Dog Year treats Andrew has rustled up for Ellen and Keerthi!


Feb. 18 (Su)


Classic Shorts: Natalie Tso narrates the story that brings to light why children receive red envelopes with money or “Yasui money” during Chinese New Year.


Feb. 19 (M)


Hear in Taiwan: In today’s program, learn about the Kitchen God, who is thought to return to the earth on this day, the fourth day of the Lunar New Year.


Chinese Culture 101: Paula Chao finds out why some people would rather stay away from their nosy families and friends during Chinese New Year.


One More Thing: Find out ways to stay fit during the Lunar New Year vacation, despite all the wonderful foods that are prepared at this festive time of the year. 


Feb. 20 (T)


Hear in Taiwan: In today’s program, we discuss some things that you can do to help people in need during the holiday season.


One More Thing: Tune in to learn about the pluses and minuses of viewing the beautiful, seasonal plum blossoms. 


Feb. 25 (Sun)


Classic Shorts: Red lanterns can be seen throughout Taiwan during the Chinese New Year. Find out why on Classic Shorts with Natalie Tso.


Stories Behind the Art

In this series, Stories Behind the Art, RTI teams up with the Taipei Fine Arts Museum to introduce some of the most compelling works from the museum's collection. New videos will be added to our on-line collection below every two weeks!

Episode 1: Kuo Hsueh-hu's "Scenery near Yuan Shan"


Episode 2: Kuo Hsueh-hu's "Festival on South Street"



Episode 3: Chen Cheng-po's "Dye house in the Afternoon"



Episode 4: Chen Cheng-po's "Street Scene on a Summer Day"



Episode 5: Ishikawa Kinichiro's "Formosa"



Episode 6: Shiotsuki Toho Portrait of a Girl and Musya




Episode 7: Koto Gobara's "Indigenous Flowers of Taiwan"



Episode 8: Kinoshita Seigai's "Early Summer in a Southern Country"



Episode 9: Huang Tu-shui



Episode 10: Chen Chin



Episode 11: Lin Yu-shan




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On July 24th, RTI's transmission to the Philippines from 1100 to 1109 UTC on 1359 KHz was suspended due to technical problems. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Transmission to Southeast Asia on 5/2

On May 2nd, RTI's transmission to Southeast Asia from 0300 to 0400 UTC on 15320 Khz was suspended due to maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Transmission to South Asia on 4/27

On April 27th, RTI's transmission to South Asia and Southern China was suspended from 1600 to 1606 UTC due to technical difficulties. We apologize for the incovenience. 


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